Virgo Letou
  • Release Date 03 Oct 2016
  • Catalogue bp055
Letou - Unaware of the Brightness
Letou - Expensi
Letou - Tiero3
Letou - tiero_ODY arts_rmx2
  • Archie Hamilton
    Expensi for me, thanks :-)
  • Mihai Popoviciu Poker Flat Recordings / Highgrade
    expensi is cool for me!
  • Dhaze Memoria - BlindBox - BodyParts - PowWow999 - Hypergroove
    super release thank you!
  • Primarie Tzinah
    The Brightness and Tier03
  • Brett Jackobs Yoyaku
    Nice EP! Thanks
  • plusculaar Binaural Arts / Mulen / Tzinah / Plaisir
    great music, thanks
  • Re-UP (Omar) Kina Music
    Expensi and Ody Arts remix !!
    Thanks !!
  • Vinyl Speed Adjust Visionquest/Pressure Traxx/Jesus Loved You/VSA Records
    TIERO3 - very nice one. support!
  • Izhevski All Day I Dream
  • Egal 3 aka Vid An|dromeda
    Nice tracks, thank you
  • Adrianho
    very good release ! my fav is expensi but all tracks are really nice ! thx
  • Little Hado Sleep is Commercial / Music Is Art
    nice ep ! thanks
    thanks , will play
  • Alexander Pavlenko 22:22. KVADRAT
    Tier03 for me. thanks :)
  • Golikov
    Thank you! TIERO3
  • Dubsons Algorhythmic / Vay vay
    Expensi for us. Thank you
  • Sandro Kuhe Sunday Breakfast Zurich
    Nice ep, thanks!
  • Toshie NouVal
  • Clovis CDV, Cyclone
    Expensi for the last summer time feelings of 2016 for sure :) All tracks are nice thanks
  • Christopher Ledger CL Series / Brouqade
  • SeQ
    great! thx
  • V!KTOR (FR)
    Thank you <3
  • Nadja Lind / Klartraum Lucidflow, DRD, Soma
    expensi is my pick. nice!
  • Danielle Nicole
    perfect. will use at my gig tomorrow! thanks!!!
  • Jozhy K Tzinah Family, Mulen Records, Body Parts
    Tiero my pick here!
  • Julian Eliptic Records
  • Cosmjn
    good one! thanks!
  • Electric Deepology
    Nice tracks overall
  • Third Child PlayfulScience/O300F
    nice EP,thanks!
  • Bill Patrick
    expensi +++
  • Reverse KNIFE
    Nice tracks! . Thx)
  • Costin Rp
    Thanks :)
  • Mint4000 DropThat rec./AppianSounds
    good sounds and nice vibes
  • Vincenzo Monastra
    Ody Arts remix for me , thans for the music
  • Pan Sancho Body Parts
  • Al Bradley (3am Recordings / Mujina Code Records / Pioneer DJ Radio)
    Awesome EP - Expensi grabbed me immediatly, but Tier03 actually stod out overall, super-trippy & wonderfully deep (and just in time for my gigs in Berlin shortly!)
  • Vlad Dinu
    Expensi be my fav, thank you !
  • Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica FM)
    expensi is good for me! Support
  • Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica FM)
  • Finest Wear Nordic Trax & Colour & Pitch
    'Tier03' Is Nice.. :-)
  • Sonja Moonear
    very nice release! thx
  • Mistor De Dormitor / Colectiva Gazette
    Tier03 and the remix !!! Thanks !
  • Nadja Lind / Klartraum Lucidflow, DRD, Soma
    sweet dubs Expensi. thanks
  • s_xton ensue
  • Miss I
    tiero ody arts rmx2! :)
  • Rick Maia ■ checkpoint / Unusual Suspects
    Nice release! Thanks ©  Cookies Policy

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