Mounting Mihai Pol
  • Release Date 19 Jun 2016
  • Catalogue bp053
[BP053] Mihai Pol - Venus_16master2
[BP053] Mihai Pol - cSharp_16master2
[BP053] Mihai Pol - Mounting_16master2
[BP053] Mihai Pol - Java_16master
[BP053] Mihai Pol - Java (Ikuto Interpretation)_16master4
  • Archie Hamilton
    Real nice, thanks :-)
  • Zendid Yoyaku
    Cool ones! thanks
  • Nick Daring Wavetech Music
  • Audiofly
    hmmmm which to choose!! Java, Java (ikuto) or them all
  • Robert Owens
    Cool tracks
  • Paco Osuna Mindshake / Plus 8 Records
    Will try thanks ;)
  • Rush Arp Body Parts / Enfant / Moral Fiber
    Very Nice! Try for sure..
  • Dhaze Memoria - BlindBox - BodyParts - PowWow999 - Hypergroove
    Super Thank You!
  • tINI sleeve
    danke! <3
  • Brett Jackobs Yoyaku
    Really good release this! Great stuff from Mihai! Thx
  • Primarie Tzinah
    Bravo Mihai, super EP!
  • Vinyl Speed Adjust Visionquest/Pressure Traxx/Jesus Loved You/VSA Records
    NICE TRACKS. Support for ''venus';
  • Terrance Terry Real Tone
    Super release , quality guys ! little pref for JAVA
    Rmx is really cool also

  • Funk E Adult Only / Kurbits
    good one , 10q
  • Funk E Adult Only / Kurbits
    great ep , thank you
  • Julia Govor BodyParts, Hypertone, Coocon
    dreamy, cinematic, uplifting- "Mounting", "Java" and Remix by Ikuto are my fav. Thank you.
  • Egal 3 aka Vid An|dromeda
    Good ep. thnx
    very nice ! thx
  • Marko Nastic Memoria / Sleep is Commercial
    Downloaded for Marko Nastic.
  • Adrianho
    nice one thanks
  • Little Hado Sleep is Commercial / Music Is Art
    nice EP !
    nice ep here ! good vibez.
  • Golikov
  • Loopdeville Delooped
  • Dubsons Algorhythmic / Vay vay
    Nice release. Thank you
  • Hansel Tzinah / Leone
  • VENDi Bodyparts
    Spasibo will play Ikuto mix :)
  • Ben Rau FUSE
    Thanks for these solid as usual
  • John Dimas
    super nice !! thanks
  • Costin Rp
  • Christopher Ledger CL Series / Brouqade
    Mounting for me.
  • Toshie NouVal
    Klass! Spasibo! / Cool, will try, thank you!
  • Julietta
    very nice!
  • V!KTOR (FR)
    Very Nice Ep
    Thx you
  • Third Child PlayfulScience/O300F
    nice one,thanks
  • Mint4000 DropThat rec./AppianSounds
    mounting & Ikuto interp. of Java are the one's for me. thx bp
  • Julian Eliptic Records
    very good release! thanks!
  • Tomas Rubeck
    Cool cuts
  • Rick Maia ■ checkpoint / Unusual Suspects
    Cool EP. Mounting and Java rmx for me. Thx!
  • Al Bradley (3am Recordings / Mujina Code Records / Pioneer DJ Radio)
    Wicked EP! Can't really pick one over another to be honest; CSharp & the original Mounting stood out originally, but the whole pack is class :)
  • Clovis CDV, Cyclone
    Ikuto another super nice remix, and originals are all interesting too. merci
  • Jozhy K Tzinah Family, Mulen Records, Body Parts
    Venus + Java (Ikuto) - for me! Thank you
  • SeQ
    thx for the promo :) download
  • Valeria Croft Meatbean,RARE
    Mounting is very nice one.Thanks!
  • Suciu
    Will give them a spin!
  • Mihai
  • Vincenzo Monastra
    Super music like always , thanks for the music
  • Omar Salgado
    Mounting for me. thank you for the music.
  • Dan Farserelli
    feeling this! :)
  • Clara Da Costa Ibiza Sonica Radio, Jacks House
    Will support on Jack's House, Ibiza Sonica Radio. Especially liking Venus,
  • Butch
    Mounting is my favorite :)
    Thank you
  • Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica FM)
    fantastic work! support
  • Danielle Nicole
    nice pack! thanks!
  • Ana
  • Oshana Brouqade // BodyParts
    java for me. thanks!
  • Electric Deepology
    very good all tracks
  • Bill Patrick
    Q (original) ++
  • Bill Patrick
    good stuff all around
  • Einzig
    thank you!
  • Mistor De Dormitor / Colectiva Gazette
    Java and Ikuto interpretation are for me ! thanks ! ©  Cookies Policy

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